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JP-S59154408-A: Manufacture of image fiber patent, JP-S59154674-A: Track jump circuit of video disk player patent, JP-S59155183-A: Transfer circuit for energy of superconductive energy stroage device patent, JP-S59156613-A: Method and machine for manufacturing or machining gear patent, JP-S59158940-A: Draining device of heat collector of water heater patent, JP-S59159087-A: Power supply device for atomic fusion device patent, JP-S59161762-A: Communication system between multiprocessor patent, JP-S5916189-A: Transfer path of bubble magnetic domain patent, JP-S59162052-A: Varnishing system on printed matter patent, JP-S5916354-A: Lead frame for semiconductor device patent, JP-S59165322-A: Key input device patent, JP-S59165514-A: Control system of tap coefficient patent, JP-S59166119-A: Electric mixer patent, JP-S59166404-A: Balancer of machine tool patent, JP-S591668-A: Improved non-electrolytic gold plating bath and plating process patent, JP-S59167198-A: Device for operating frequency characteristic patent, JP-S59167438-A: Film feeding device patent, JP-S59167575-A: Preparation of acid addition salt of 2-(7- indenyloxymethyl)morpholine derivative patent, JP-S59168172-A: Cutting of cloth patent, JP-S59168380-A: Residual quantity recognition and display for battery power patent, JP-S59169314-A: System for laying power cable along bridge beam patent, JP-S59169456-A: Jelly cake composed mainly of brewed rice vinegar patent, JP-S59170313-A: Screen gate patent, JP-S59171002-A: Stamper for manufacturing information recording medium patent, JP-S59171355-A: System for detecting subscriber line impedance patent, JP-S59171511-A: Juicer patent, JP-S59171855-A: Oxygen deficiency alarm patent, JP-S59173161-A: Device for producing flat mask patent, JP-S59173570-A: Wind-power prime mover patent, JP-S59173606-A: Fine coal burner patent, JP-S591744-A: Production of tsuzure woven fabric patent, JP-S59174601-A: Preparation of transition metal catalyst supported on carrier patent, JP-S5917589-A: Input unit for electronic musical instrument patent, JP-S59176159-A: Service arrangement schedule preparation device patent, JP-S59176295-A: Manufacture of substituted trialkylsilyloxymalonic acid dinitrile patent, JP-S59176887-A: Coin processing machine with function of sorting coin patent, JP-S59177781-A: Information processing system patent, JP-S59178033-A: Detecting system of leading characteristic of repeater patent, JP-S59180241-A: Heat pump device patent, JP-S59180795-A: Automatic transaction processor with circulation type paper money processing machine patent, JP-S59180821-A: Head adjusting device patent, JP-S59180939-A: Cathode ray tube patent, JP-S5918269-A: Combustion control patent, JP-S59182721-A: Manufacture of vessel patent, JP-S59183143-A: Control device of variable capacity flywheel patent, JP-S59183991-A: Laser working device patent, JP-S59184148-A: Production of pyroglutamylhistidylglycine hydrochloride patent, JP-S5918441-A: Gas concentration measuring device patent, JP-S59184696-A: Thermal recording material patent, JP-S59184721-A: Manufacture of fine silica patent, JP-S59184939-A: Voice word processor patent, JP-S5918730-A: Preparation of friction material patent, JP-S59188126-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S59188472-A: Printer patent, JP-S5918892-A: Jar accerelating apparatus patent, JP-S59189901-A: Condensation apparatus of solvent vapor containing corrosive substance patent, JP-S5919200-A: Method of enclosing animal and plant for enjoyment into resin patent, JP-S59192173-A: Opening and closing apparatus of slide rotary window patent, JP-S5919295-A: Bipolar type prom patent, JP-S59193491-A: Character pattern expansion system patent, JP-S59194129-A: Structure of sliding member formed of complex of ceramic material and metal patent, JP-S59194781-A: Feather, small feather and/or feather-containing sheet-like structure patent, JP-S59195212-A: Photographic compact lens using aspherical surface patent, JP-S59195270-A: Display patent, JP-S59196401-A: Strain gage and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S59197077-A: Display body and method and apparatus for manufacturing same patent, JP-S5919805-A: Device for measuring thickness by ultrasonic patent, JP-S59198649-A: Electron beam device patent, JP-S59198704-A: Ferrite magnet and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S591992-A: Heat pipe for extreme low temperature patent, JP-S59199907-A: Partial drain pipe equipped with insert sleeve patent, JP-S59200812-A: Control variable compensating device of magnetic bearing patent, JP-S59202486-A: Teaching aid for instructing music patent, JP-S59204347-A: Packet communication system patent, JP-S59204393-A: Line sequential signal transmitter patent, JP-S59205097-A: Preventive device for abnormal operation in press machine patent, JP-S59205879-A: Magnetic video recording device patent, JP-S59206708-A: Detection of radius of rotation patent, JP-S59207152-A: Hydraulic type massage apparatus patent, JP-S59208269-A: Piston for reciprocating machine patent, JP-S59208336-A: Underground heat accumulating type space cooling and heating system patent, JP-S59208631-A: Buffer control device patent, JP-S59209113-A: Mold for slush molding patent, JP-S59209300-A: Device for interrupting plasma introduced from nuclear fusion reactor to measuring device patent, JP-S59211463-A: Sleeping apparatus patent, JP-S59211467-A: Refuge apparatus for building patent, JP-S59214537-A: Sliding device for carriage patent, JP-S59214585-A: Manual controller for controlling position and attitude patent, JP-S59215686-A: Method of connecting power cable flat external conductor patent, JP-S5921583-A: Bondage of ceramic shaft and metal shaft patent, JP-S59216667-A: Lining method of pipe inner wall patent, JP-S59217282-A: Storage device patent, JP-S59217380-A: Method of mounting light emitting element array patent, JP-S59218484-A: Liquid crystal display panel patent, JP-S59218883-A: Fold display method of printing medium patent, JP-S59219604-A: Controller for warm air in steam piping patent, JP-S59219890-A: Electromagnetic cooking device patent, JP-S59220044-A: Rotor shaft bearing composition of engine generator patent, JP-S59221111-A: Method for testing delay equalizing circuit patent, JP-S59221462-A: Fuel control device for engine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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